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Matthew James Ortiz is an artist born and raised in New York City. Highly influenced by his cultural origins and humble beginnings, Matthew grew up with an emphasized importance placed not only on identity, but on taking pride in one's identity. These values help cultivate his artistic interests, influencing the work he creates and the themes he explores. From the personal work in series such as At Last, Everlasting to his vibrant portraits, his imagery focuses on seeing and appreciating truths both literally and conceptually. Whether these truths are about himself, others, or his surroundings, he is drawn to capturing their presence. With this approach to making, and his penchant for refined yet impactful images, he creates work to be seen and felt.

Matthew has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography and specializes in large-format and medium-format film. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, from New York City and the Hudson Valley to Bamako, Mali.

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